Patron Policies


The full patron policy PDF can be found Avalon Public Library Policies 2021 and the standards of behavior here.

The text notification FAQ can be found here.

Service to All

The library will serve all residents of the community and the public library service area.  Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status; or because of mental, emotional, or physical condition; age; gender; or sexual orientation.

Denial of Service

The use of the library may be denied for due cause.  Such cause may include, but is not limited to:

  • failure to return library materials or to pay penalties
  • destruction of library property
  • disturbance and/or harassment of other patrons
  • any other illegal, disruptive, or objectionable conduct on library premises

Registering for a Library Card

All borrowers must be registered and must have a valid library card to borrow materials.  Patrons must fill out an application form to register for a new library card.  Identification is required.

Acceptable identification includes the following:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid state ID
  • Social security card
  • Student ID
  • Any other official ID
  • Recent piece of mail with current address

Applicants under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian give written consent on the application form before a new card can be issued.  This parental signature is NOT required for children who are renewing cards.

Applicants under 18 years of age will be issued children’s borrower cards, which may not be used to borrow materials that have been rated “R” by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Materials may not be checked out until a library card is issued.

All library cards expire in 2 years.  In order to renew a library card, patrons must produce identification and must clear all outstanding fines and bills.

Lost Cards

If a patron loses his or her library card, he or she should notify the library as soon as possible and request a replacement. Replacement cards may be had for one dollar ($1.00) to cover processing costs.

Loan Periods

The general loan periods for library materials are as follows:

• 3 weeks for books, 1 week for DVDs and Music CDs, and 1 week for magazines

• Interlibrary loans are due by the date indicated by the lending library.

• Books may be automatically renewed six times if no waiting list exists for the title(s).

 Borrowing Limit

Adults may borrow up to 50 items at a time (including multimedia items), and children may borrow up to 10 non-multimedia items and 2 multimedia items at a time.

Fines and Charges

The Avalon Public Library is fine free on overdue materials. However, items can still be billed if they are not returned.

A first notice is sent after the material is due. If the material is not returned within a week, a second notice is sent. A final notice after three (3) weeks contains a bill for the material with the cost of replacement of the material.

Under PA Title 18, section 1, §6708: Retaining library property after notice is given to return it is deemed a summary offense.

Under PA Title 18, section 1, §3929.1: Unpaid charges for materials that have been billed as lost or stolen may be prosecuted after thirty (30) days of delinquency.

Patrons who accrue more than $10.00 in unpaid fines and charges may be denied borrowing privileges until those overdue materials are returned or paid for if lost and/or damaged.

If materials are damaged so that, in the judgment of the library, they are unsuitable for the collection, the patron must pay the replacement cost.


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