Jun 152016

On your mark…get set…READ!

Sign up for our summer reading program June 18 – August 13.

We have programs for kids, teens, and adults!

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How Does It Work?

When you sign up, you will receive a folder with your book log and an explanatory bookmark.

For every 2 hours a kid or teen reads, they will receive a raffle ticket.  Adults will get one for each book read.

 These tickets can be used for  any of our raffle prizes OR for an extra entry to your group’s big prize.

Kids will receive a small prize and an entry for the kids’ big prize (a Nintendo 3DS) for each completed log.

Teens will receive a small prize, an entry in the weekly Target gift card raffle, and an  entry for the teens’ big prize (a GoPro camera) for each completed log.

Adults will receive a small prize and an  entry for the adults’ big prize (a Garmin fitness band) for every 3 books read.

Logs can be turned in at any time, but must be returned by 8/13 for prize entries.

Kids who complete at least one log will be invited (with their families) to a Family Wrap-up Party (8/20 at 1 PM).

Teens who read least 12 hours will be invited to a Teen Pizza Party (8/16 at 4 PM).

Adults who read at least 3 books will be invited to an Adult Wrap-up Party (8/18 at 7 PM).

In addition to the raffle prizes, we’ll also have prizes for the 5 Top Readers in 4 categories:

Read-to-Me (age 0 – grade 1)

Independent Reader (Grades 2-5)

Teen (Grades 6-12)


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